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Covid Advisory

The visitors to Odisha are requested to follow advisories/circulars issued time to time by Ministry of health and family welfare of GOI and health and family welfare department and Home Department Govt. of Odisha

18th Dhauli Kalinga Mahostav 2022

As the night engulfs the city, stars descend on the Peace Pagoda to unleash an array of bedazzling performance that leaves the audience spellbound with their sheer brilliance.

About the Event

The Pagoda a symbol of Buddhist legacy in the state Odisha is an enduring symbol of peace and harmony in the world, hence it's often referred as the International Peace Pagoda. The message of peace is reinforced through various performing arts of the classical genre enacted by renowned exponents. The festival is hosted jointly by the State Culture and Tourism Department and Odisha Dance Academy.

The festival started in the year 2003 as two independent festivals which were brought under one umbrella in 2011 and came to be known as Dhauli Kalinga Mahotsav.

During the three day festival, the Peace Pagoda transforms itself under the star lit skies and artistic brilliance of the performers leaving the audience with memories to savour for days to come. The festival is a collage of classical music, dance and folk dance forms which represents the various cultural hues of India.

There is no entry fee attached with the Festival. A special bus service is arranged for tourists and visitors from Bhubaneswar to enjoy the festival in the scenic setting of Dhauli fields with the brightly lit peace pagoda in the backdrop.


Serene settings, beautifully decorated venue & the Peace Pagoda as the backdrop, makes the lilting performance of the maestros reach for the stars. Get mesmerized by the lights, sounds and sights at Dhauli Pagoda from 22nd - 24th March 2022 at 6:30 PM to 9:00 PM everyday.


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