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Covid Advisory

The visitors to Odisha are requested to follow advisories/circulars issued time to time by Ministry of health and family welfare of GOI and health and family welfare department and Home Department Govt. of Odisha


Odisha, India's best kept secret, is the land of diverse and unique treasures waiting to be explored. To get a detailed knowledge about the huge and diverse array of destinations of Odisha, visit our website.
Odisha has a huge network of roads, railways and airports. Odisha has 2 major airports under the Airports Authority of India (AAI), and all its major cities are well connected to other major cities of India via railway. Every important tourist destination spot of Odisha is also intricately connected to the major cities of the state either through rail or by road.
With a diverse variety of destinations to chose from, Odisha has something to offer to you in every season. You can visit the pristine and delightful beaches like Puri and Gopalpur and the breathtaking hill stations like Daringbadi during the summers. A myriad of festivities and marquee events take place during the winters at various places across the state. The national parks, wildlife sanctuaries and spiritual sites can be visited at almost anytime of the year. For more information, visit our website.
There are a variety of hotels, homestays and accommodations at every tourist destination spot in Odisha. From extravagant luxury hotels to beach resorts and lodges, we have everything you are looking for. We have accommodations across the destinations that suit both your taste and budget. To know more, visit our website.
All major banks in the country have branches and ATMs at all major cities and important tourist destinations across the state.
The major cities have robust healthcare centres. Bhubaneswar has all the major chains of hospitals. We have also upgraded our existing healthcare infrastructure during the pandemic. All staff of the hospitality sector are being trained about first-aid and other safety protocols.
Most of the museums, national parks, sanctuaries, etc. are temporarily closed due to the Covid-19 lockdown. We intend to resume normal proceedings as soon as things get better. Get the detailed timings and entry fees of each and every museum, national park and sanctuary at our website.
Our hospitality workers and tour guides are extremely friendly, courteous and very much willing to co-operate with the visitors. The state government has taken up the initiative to vaccinate all workers from the hospitality sector so that they can host and serve our tourists with new vigour and zeal.
All Ecotour destinations are temporarily closed due to the Covid-19 lockdown. We look forward to host you as soon as the restrictions get lifted. To know in detail regarding the restricted areas under Ecotour Odisha, do visit our website.
All our hotel and hospitality staff are being trained and guided on proper hand hygiene, respiratory hygiene, social distancing and the usage of PPE kits. We are also ensuring adequate availability of triple layer masks, hand sanitizers and disinfectants. Overall, we are determined to provide a seamless and safe travel experience for our guests.