Sambalpur is the epicenter of culture and commerce in Western Odisha. Throughout its chequered history the city has been a witness to many a significant events which helped shaped the overall culture and history of the state.



Officially the region came under the sway of the British in 1849 after the demise of the Last Chouhan King Raja Narayan Singh. The death of the King heralded a new chapter in the history for the people of Sambalpur, who till now where oblivious and cocooned from the turbulent times that the country was going through.

The British brought in a slew of changes, the chief amongst them was the accession of the region to Bengal province in 1860 & thereafter to Central Province for administrative purposes. After a lot of inquisitions, people’s movement, the British regime transferred the region to Bengal Province in 1905 and subsequently it became a part of the Odisha province when it was constituted in 1912.

Sambalpur apart from its rich history is also known for its vibrant culture and home of the world famous Sambalpuri Sarees. The folk songs and dance popularly known as Sambalpuri Songs and Samabalpuri Dance has their own distinct identity and are extremely popular for their feet tapping lyrics and music.      

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Get enraptured by a myraid of tourist attractions in Sambalpur ranging from monuments of ancient history, breathtaking temple architecture & buddhist sites, art & craft villages, museums and artefacts that amaze.We have found 3 such attractions for you to visit. Scroll the list below to continue unravelling the secrets of Odisha

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Sambalpuri Dance

If you haven’t watched a Sambalpuri dance performance during your trip, consider your trip incomplete.

Sambalpuri Song

The capital of Western Odisha is also a cultural hub. Don’t miss the chance to listen to some feet tapping Sambalpuri songs. The songs are characterized by their rustic feel yet contemporary appeal.


Apart from being a handloom hub the town is dotted with temples. The sureswari temple dedicated Goddess Shakti and worshipped as Sureswari is revered temple of the region.

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