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Covid Advisory

The visitors to Odisha are requested to follow advisories/circulars issued time to time by Ministry of health and family welfare of GOI and health and family welfare department and Home Department Govt. of Odisha


Handlooms in Odisha have ushered in exquisite fabrics, breathtaking in their own range. Yet they are durable and economical. The mastery of the weavers has especially touched sylvan heights in tassar silk. In fact, the tassar cooperatives produce the finest quality of yarn, the popularity of which is testified by its brilliance, glaze and texture. 

About Handloom

The attention to details from silkworm cultivation to silk weaving combine centuries of experience and modern know-how, for creating silk ties and sarees that harmonise the delicate feel with a soothing blend of colours and elegance, exquisite but comfortable.

The textiles have an individuality of their own. Bold and unusual patterns, vibrant yet subtle blend of colours, unique tie and die effects and a luxuriant texture characterize them. The State is famous for its silk ikat weaves, an intricate process (bandha) in which wrap and weft threads are first tied and then dyed, to produce the designed pattern on the loom while weaving.

Typical design motifs include rows of birds, animals, fish, seashells, rudraksh beads and temple spires.The most popular and flagship item of tie and dye textile of Odisha is the saree. Some typical varieties of Odisha sarees are Khanduas, Saktapada, Tarabaliand Bichitrapuri, to name a few, made both in cotton and silk. However, the weavers also delve into other items like bed covers, dress materials, handkerchiefs, lungi and gamuchha (towel). 

The tribal people of the State also excel in producing textiles of myriad hues using vegetable dyes.

Sambalpur, famous for its Sambalpuri sarees, is one of the famous centres for Odisha handloom. The villages at Bargarh, Sonepur andKendpalli are the hub of this renowned weave. Also, the lanes are lined with houses of the master craftsmen plying their trade, oblivious from the hustle and bustle of the mundane world.

Berhampur is another centre famous for its BerhampuriPatta sarees. These silk sarees are exquisite in its detailing yet comfortable to wear. The lanes of Ganesh Nagar in the city is the hub where famous weavers of BerhampuriPatta reside.

Koraput – One can’t talk of Odisha without mentioning its tribal community. The contribution of the tribes of Odisha in shaping its cultural heritage is beyond measure. The Dongaria&Ikat sarees are the most popular handloom from Koraput which has caught the imagination and attention of handloom lovers from across the globe.