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One of the major cities of Northern Odisha, Baripada is located along the east bank of the Budhabalanga River, Baripada is the cultural center of North Odisha and also hosts a large population of Santhals and other ethnic groups.



Baripada's antiquity is unknown till it finds a mention as Burpuddah by Major James Rennell of the East India Company in his famous Atlas of 1779. The origins of the name are doubtful but it appears to be derived from the Bauri ethnic group that originally inhabited this area.


Ratha Yatra - Alike Lord Jagannath Rath Yatra at Puri, Baripada also conducts an annual sojourn of the divine trinity (Jagannath, Subhadra, Balabhadra) which is considered the biggest and oldest after Puri and thus is also known as Dwitiya Srikhetra (Second Puri).   

See to Believe

Below is a visual treat of Baripada. Enjoy the immersive experience and experience the 360 degree views and virtual tours which are soon going to enhance your visual journey!

Top Attractions

Get enraptured by a myriad of tourist attractions in Baripada ranging from exquisite handicrafts, to temples which are beacons of our cultural heritage to the breathtaking biosphere called Similipal Tiger Reserve. Scroll the list below to continue unravelling the secrets of Odisha

Top Experiences

Below is our low-down on the must try activities and experiences in and around Baripada. Plan your stay to coincide with some of these events to get completely entrenched in the culture and heritage of Odisha. We assure you that the below list will leave you Odisha Amazed!


Located nearby Jashipur town, is the only Crocodile Rearing Center of Mayurbhanj district. The place is known for its natural beauty and the temple of Lord Ram.

MaaAmbika Temple

The Ambika temple, Baripada is an ancient temple and is the presiding deity of the city. People of Baripada strongly believe her as ‘The Living Goddess’, who as a mother showers her blessings to all the mankind.

Lord Jagannath Temple

Built somewhere around 1575 AD and known as the second Srikhetra of Odisha, the Jagannath temple of Baripada apart from being one of the oldest temples dedicated to the holy trinity, is famous for its Rathayatra. The annual chariot festival has been celebrated over five hundred years here. The rituals of Baripada Rathayatra are special and only female devotees are allowed to pull Goddess Subhadra's Chariot. The festival draws lakhs of devotees from the neighbouring states also.

Getting There

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Nearby Destinations

Wish to make the best of your trip to Baripada? Make sure your itinerary covers these below must-see destinations close to Baripada.Most of these are highly coveted on every tourists bucket list and can be reached from Baripada in a matter of hours. We have found 2 such places close to Baripada that will maximize your Experience-Odisha!


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Trails/ Packages Covering Baripada

Like what you see? Looking to have a well-rounded experience in Odisha? Presenting a list of some curated, pre-packaged tours covering some of the most coveted destinations in Odisha. Browse and see details of the trail/package which interests you the most. Reach out to the Department of Tourism (DoT) recognized travel agents, who are here to provide you with some memorable experiences and moments.

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Below is a list of travel agents/tour operators who are our trusted local specialists. Contact them today to plan a well-rounded trip to Odisha, and for getting the best deals. Their packages cover everything - from the most visited to the off-beat, from ancient to urbane, from mountains to beaches, from city life to stargazing nights. Click on the contact button and get a call back!

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