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Covid Advisory

The visitors to Odisha are requested to follow advisories/circulars issued time to time by Ministry of health and family welfare of GOI and health and family welfare department and Home Department Govt. of Odisha


Music is intertwined with the social fabric in Odisha. The dainty danseuse & musicians depicted in the temple architecture are a testament of glorious musical traditions, whose legacy is an important element in our cultural heritage. Be it any function, activity or social gathering, music is omnipresent. Diverse lifestyles and social customs have shaped the musical scape of Odisha which is distinct yet soulful.

Musical Scape of Odisha

Tribal Music

The indigenous tribes of Odisha are the architects of the state’s vibrant culture. The echoes of their soulful music brightens up the hills and forests. Earthy lyrics and traditional instruments are the distinctive hallmarks of the tribal music in Odisha.

Odissi Music

Modern day Odissi music owes a lot to great poet Jayadeva and his epoch making lyrical poem Gita Govinda. Ingredients of lyrical composition of Gita Govinda like raga (tune), tala(beat) etc. were introduced in the temple music which in turn over a period of time came to be known as Odissi music, as we know today.

The intimate relationship between poetry and music is the foundation on which Odissi music is based. Another important feature is the lyrics – which is sung without fragmentation or distortion. All these ingredients combine to give Odissi music its distinct identity.

Folk Music

Energetic beats, raw lyrics and feet tapping music are typical of the Folk Music of Odisha. The lyrics draw inspiration from the incidents of day to day life and nature establishes a strong connect with the listeners, which has in turn helped the folk music scene in Odisha to evolve and survive the onslaught of modern music.