Talasari Beach

Where Nature Soothes Your Senses


Talasari is one of the most tranquil and unspoiled beaches of Odisha. The name Talasari is literally means (row of Palm leaves in Odia). The waters of Bay of Bengal are very calm which means it’s one of the safest beaches that one can come across.The rows of the Palm trees adds the beauty of the beach, the meandering Subarnarekha river accentuates the visual appeal of the beach by a few notches, the sand dunes and little red crabs lends character to the beach, the fishing hamlets and the nearby mangroves of Bichitrapur gives the location a purpose. If one is looking for a serene quiet holiday this is the place to be.

Things to do

  • During low tides the sea is brackish for a couple of kilometers and not too deep, one can enlist the help of a fishermen to walk into the sea for a few paces. However it’s advised to check the timing of the tides and heed the advice of the fishermen. Don't venture too far during the high tides.
  • A boat ride into the sea is an enjoyable experience especially the ride to confluence of Subarnarekha River with Bay of Bengal.
  • If you are fish and sea food lover- buy some fresh goodies from the fishermen who sell their catch sometime between morning and noon time. A request to your hotel restaurant to prepare it should not go unheeded.
  • Bichitrapur a mangrove wetland located 10 KM from Talsari should also be in your To Do List.

**Always remember that vacations are meant to be reminisced as happy memories. Enjoy responsibly and be sensitive to the environment.

See to Believe

Below is a visual treat of Talasari Beach. Enjoy the immersive experience and experience the 360 degree views and virtual tours which are soon going to enhance your visual journey!

Other Things to Do

Talasari offers the perfect concoction of serenity & wilderness. Bichitrapur located 10 KM from Talasari is Odisha’s second largest mangrove forest. Enjoy boating and birding in the pristine wilderness at the Bichitrapur Nature Camp. For sea food lovers there are sumptuous spread on offer at local vendors. Try out the crab masala.

Trails Covering Talasari Beach

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Getting There

  • Distance from Bhubaneswar - 208 KM
  • Nearest Railway Station - Balasore
  • Nearest Airport - Bhubaneswar
  • Road Transport Balasore is well connected by Bus service from across the state. Hire a local transport to Talsari after alighting at Balasore

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