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Tribal Museum

The Store House of The Vibrant Tribal Culture


The Tribal Museum located at the CRP Square in Bhubaneswar, was established in 1953. Today the museum is a major site of tourist interest as it gives an insight into the life of a tribal. On display are immaculate replicas of tribal huts of various tribal communities and artefacts collected from different tribal groups in Odisha.

The “Museum of Tribal Arts and Artefacts” popularly known as Tribal Museum was established in the year 1953. Odisha has over 60 tribal communities adds significance to this unique museum which is the reason and it is also known as “Museum of Man”.

The aesthetically built museum is a must visit if you are in Bhubaneswar. For tourist’s one pertinent point – a brief about culture of Odisha is essential though not binding if you are visiting the museum helps you understand the displays just a bit better.

On display are the way of life of a tribal in the region which includes their attire, traditions, ornaments, food habits. The museum also displays replicas of Tribal dwellings and artefacts.

The museum displays elements of anthropological interest and gives an insight on the different stages of evolution of tribal cultures.

The library here is also a great source of information and documentation of tribal life.

There are shops in the museum premises selling souvenirs too & the compound is equipped with a food court, making it a pleasant outing with friends and family alike.

See to Believe

Below is a visual treat of Tribal Museum. Enjoy the immersive experience and experience the 360 degree views and virtual tours which are soon going to enhance your visual journey!

Trails/ Packages Covering Tribal Museum

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Getting There

  • Nearest Railway Station - Bhubaneswar
  • Nearest Airport- Bhubaneswar
  • One can take the city bus service and alight at CRP Chowk to get to the museum. Alternately one can hire a cab or an auto.

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