Mukteswar Dance Festival 2020

The magical performances, star lit skies at the backdrop of the temple reminds you of the glorious cultural heritage, immortalized so skillfully in Odisha's Temple Architecture.This year enjoy the enthralling performances from 14th - 16th January at the Mukteshwar Temple

About the Event

The Mukteswar Dance Festival organised by Odisha Tourism is one of the Marquee events of the Temple City. The event is an effort to showcase the cultural heritage of Odisha to the world and is held each year from 14th Jan to 16th Jan. The event was first held in 1984 and since 2004 has been held every year.

The festival celebrates Odissi dance one of the oldest classical dance forms in the country and so beautifully captured in the in the form of danseuse's enacting various mudras in the centuries old temples of the state. Odissi over the years has gained immense popularity globally for the graceful movements and high spiritual quotient attached with each dance composition.

Connoisseurs of classical dance across the world witness the performances by the maestros enacted amidst divine settings. Over the years luminaries of Odissi dance like Sujata Mohapatra, Aruna Mohanty, Ratikant Mohapatra, Madhvi Mudgal to name a few have graced the festival.


The graceful moves, the trinkets' of the anklets and symphony of music against the backdrop of the magnificent temple makes for a magical evening.


This year's ensemble is ready to leave an imprint at the famous 10th century temple with their grace, poise, deftness and composition. Mark your calendar and join in for the cultural extravaganza.

Prafulla Kar & Group

Sangeeta Das, Pondicherry

Lima Bhol & Arupa Gayatri

Guru Pankaj Charan Odissi Research Foundation

Ramhari Das & Group

Pallavi Das

Soumya Bose, Kolkata

Santosh Kumar Ram & Samir Kumar Panigrahi

Kumkum Mohanty (Gita Govinda) & Group

Previous Years Gallery

Mukteswar Dance Festival

Gallery of Mukteswar Dance Festival


Gallery of Mukteswar Dance Festival


Gallery of Mukteswar Dance Festival


Gallery of Mukteswar Dance Festival


LOGO Department of Tourism, Odisha

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