Puri Beach


Puri Beach

Where the ocean greets the divine

The pilgrim town is famous for its golden beaches which forms its eastern boundary. Considered one of the safest beaches in the country, one can find tourists taking to sea and enjoying a leisurely bath. The beach congregation of people throughout the day except may be in the afternoon.

Puri is one of the few destinations which offers spiritual salvation along with the thrill of nature. The Beach offers tourists the solitude and serenity to soak in the mystical charm of the city. Lined across the beach of Puri are some of the most important relics of history, like the Baulimatha – where Guru Nanak stayed during his visit to Puri. The Matha located near Swargadwar houses, where The Holy Guru Granth Sahib is placed right next to Lord Jagannath.

Things to do

  • The beach is mostly secluded at the break of dawn, an early morning walk or simply sitting by the shore and watching the sunrise and the waves splashing against beach makes for a magical experience.
  • Always enlist the help of Nulia (life guard) before going into the sea.
  • The beach market springs to life in the evening, the shops sell anything from souvenir to utility items.
  • In the evening’s kids can enjoy the camel ride or horse ride in the beach,
  • The road side stalls prop up along the beach selling popular Indian snacks to sea food.
  • There are many shops selling Odisha handloom and textiles dotted along the road next to the beach along with artefacts. For the shopaholics it makes for an exciting prospect.

**Always remember that vacations are meant to be reminisced as happy memories. Enjoy responsibly and be sensitive to the environment


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