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A craft which adorns the divinity & adds grace to your decor

Together with Pattachitra and stone craft, the Applique work at the heritage craft village Pipili are Odisha’s most famous art exports to the world. The applique work of the village was recently showcased in the popular movie Sui Dhaaga starring Varun Dhawan and Anushka Sharma.



Pipili is also used to adorn the chariots of Lord Jagannath and his siblings during the annual Ratha Yatra. It is also used in other rituals associated with the Lord. Pipili was set up as an artisan’s village during the Somavamsi dynasty rule in Odisha somewhere in the 10th Century AD. The art exemplifies the perfect syncretisation of the culture of Odisha. The applique work are predominantly created by Muslim artisans and adorned by the Lord of Odisha.


The applique work comes in many variants right from wall hangings to lanterns to umbrellas to bag’s, pouches , bedspreads and are perfect souvenir’s to relive the memories of Odisha.


Make a stopover at the Pipili village which is located just a kilometer from the National Highway 316 connecting Bhubaneswar and Puri. Interact with the artisans and shopkeepers and know more about this unique art form.




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