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Parasurameswar Temple

The temple of evolution

Widely regarded as the temple where the evolution of Odisha Temple Architecture started, this temple built during the 7th century AD during the reign of the Shailodbhava dynasty, it is one of the well preserved temples in the state.

Parasurameswar Temple happens to be the first temple to have the Jagamohana or the entrance hall attached with the sanctum sanctorum. The crude joints denotes of a craft with the newly acquired skill set. The presence of asta grahas (eight planets) on the lintel of the entrance door is a testament of its antiquity.

The Saptamatrika marks their presence for the first time in the temple architecture of the state. The Saptamatrika are essentially powers bestowed on Goddess Shakti by various gods. In a nutshell it signifies that every woman who becomes a mother inherits the powers of Shakti.

The presiding deity is Lord Shiva worshipped as Parasurameswar, in accordance to the penance of Sage Parashuram and the grace of Lord Shiva.


Parasumastami is the major festival observed in the temple. During the festival Chandrashekhara the representative of Lord Lingaraja visits the temple and a feast is organised. The festival usually falls in the month of July each year

The best way to experience & know about the temple is through the Ekamra Walks - Lingaraj Circuit, held every Sunday. There is no entry fee attached with the guided walk.


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