Odisha State Museum


Odisha State Museum

Dating back to 1932, the Odisha State Museum is the premier museum of the state. It is a repository that offers a glimpse into the history of Odisha’s across eras.

Epigraphy and numismatics gallery – The gallery displaying coins of the ancient and medieval age of Odisha is of particular interest for those who are inclined towards history and have numismatics as a hobby.

Natural History Segment - Showcases specimens of rare mammals and birds through evolution of the species. This gallery generates great interest amongst the children.

The Armoury Gallery - Displays weapons excavated in archaeology sites as well as personal weapons of donated to the museum by various Kings of Odisha.

The Manuscript Gallery – The museum has a rich collection of ancient manuscripts which are probably the highlight of the museum and one of the finest collections in the country. The museum even offers an online catalogue for the same. At the museum INTACH works on preserving ancient manuscripts engraved on palm leaves.

The Paika Gallery- The newest addition to the museum, the gallery focusses on the Paika revolution- The uprising of the Paika’s (the warrior clan of Odisha) against the British Imperialism.

Epigraphy and numismatics gallery

Natural History Segment

The Armoury Gallery 

The Manuscript Gallery 

The Paika Gallery

There are other galleries like the Mining & Geology section, Archaeology, anthropology and Art and Craft galleries to name a few.

The museum also houses a wonderful library that has books for scholars and researchers as well as visitors in general.


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