Odisha State Maritime Museum


Odisha State Maritime Museum

The museum is by far millennium city Cuttack’s best tourist attraction. The maritime museum came up in the old dilapidated complex of “River Boat Construction and Repair Workshop” constructed during the British era. The workshop w renovated and renovated and converted into the present day Odisha State Maritime Museum in 2013.

Brief history about the River Boat Construction and Repair Workshop

The workshop was constructed as a pre-emptive measure by the British Administration to prevent the large scale disaster akin to the horrific famine of 1866 in Odisha which took the lives of scores of people.

The workshop was not restricted to manufacturing boats, it also looked after the inland water ways, irrigation projects and distribution of water.

Constructed by Mr. G.H. Faulkner then an Engineer with the British PWD Department, It was the only workshop of its kind under the Bengal Presidency of British India. Hence it was an important landmark.

The exhibits of the museum give an insight into the ancient Odisha’s famed maritime industry. On display are the tools used by the Sadhabas (or seafarers), age old navigation systems and its evolution.

The chief attractions are the wooden boat replica’s, the huge boat shed and the lathe which was the largest in Asia during its time. The addition of the 3D shows along with the aquarium section to the museum is a huge draw especially for the kids.

The museum located on the banks of River Mahanadinear Jobra along with its finely manicured and maintained lawns makes for a pleasant outing with family. The museum regularly conducts painting competitions for children regularly which attracts a lot of participants and the interactive initiatives adds to the feel good factor about the place. It also has an open air auditorium with a sitting capacity of 250 people.


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