Odisha Crafts Museum “Kalabhoomi”


Odisha Crafts Museum “Kalabhoomi”

Owing to its rich cultural heritage, Odisha’s handicraft is rich and varied. The age old traditional methods are passed on for generations and with the evolution of technology, these products are finding new markets and new segment of buyers. With a mission to showcase the traditional crafts of Odisha which are intertwined with our culture in a single platform, The Government of Odisha initiated the Odisha Crafts Museum “Kalabhoomi”.

The museum was inaugurated by the honourable Chief Minister Shri. Naveen Patnaik on 22nd March 2018.


The vision of the museum is to create awareness and a deeper understanding about our handicraft and handloom products.


Currently there are ten sections, showcasing the exclusive traditional handicrafts and handloom

products of Odisha.


The Kalabhoomi museum walk initiated by the Museum is a huge hit amongst visitors, the guided tour of the museum not only offers a sneak peek into the art and craft of Odisha, but also engages the participants into various activities like Pottery classes, Pattachitra painting classes etc along with cultural programs. Making it a lively experience for tourists.

The museum also uses its reach to initiate direct interactions between the artisans and the general public.


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