Where history is lost in sands of time

During ancient times, Gopalpur served as an important port for the seafarers of ancient Kalinga. Even during the World War –I, it was an important military port where soldiers used to embark on a journey to Burma.

Gopalpur was the place where the first ever modern hotel was built in Odisha and probably the first ever beach resort of the country. The Palm Beach Resort was built in 1914 by an Italian gentleman by the name of Signor Maglioni to cater to the merchants and businessmen. The hotel was bought by the Oberoi group of hotels in 1948 in what was the group’s first venture into the hospitality business. Currently the hotel is owned by the Mayfair Group of Hotels.

The casuarina groves that line up the sun kissed beach makes for enchanting sight. The beach is mostly secluded and one of the cleanest beaches in the country.

Things to do

  • The sea is too rough for swimming, hence we advise you not to indulge.
  • As the beach is east facing, the sunrise and sunsets are spectacular.
  • It is the best place to steal a quiet moment to yourself and a stroll along the shore is quite rejuvenating
  • A walk through the town one comes across many an old dilapidated buildings from a bygone era which lends character to this quaint beach town.
  • For the sea food lovers a stroll to the early morning fish market is recommended.
  • For the adventure seekers, there is boating and water sports facility available courtesy Kalinga Divers Association.

**Always remember that vacations are meant to be reminisced as happy memories. Enjoy responsibly and be sensitive to the environment.


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