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The Kashmir of Odisha

Dotted with pine forests and waterfalls, the hill stations of Phulbani are popular holiday destinations of the state. Daringbadi Nature Camp & Belghar Nature Camp are two of those, situated nearby to each other. Surrounded by beautiful valleys & plateaus, coffee & pepper gardens in the native land of one of the most ancient tribes of India “Kutia Kondhas”, is a perfect gateway for people who are looking for some time off from the daily hurly burly of city life.

Daringbadi provides a blend of Cultural tourism, Tribal tourism and Nature tourism together. Daringbadi is known as the Kashmir Of Odisha hill station with Pine forests and series of waterfalls throughout the landscape -Daringbadi waterfall,Putudi waterfall,Dadubaba,Ludu waterfall etc. the names narrating different tribal tales.

The place is named after Daring- Sahib, a British officer who was in charge of the place. Feel the refreshing cool breeze to the bone by trekking in the hilly trails of the surreal landscape of Daringbadi- Belghar through sprawling jungle.

A bonfire in the camp site with local Odiya delicacies will thaw your heart magically. A day with the people of the land is worth for a lifetime. Listen to the sweet melodies by the artists of the hilly tribal communities where music has passed down from the generations. Mandasaru Valley Nature Camp in the Silent Valley of Odisha is a forested gorge with perennial streams. It is one hour trip from Daringbadi through the curvy roads climbing up and down the mountainside  

Things to Do

  • Birding
  • Trekking
  • Recreational Sports
  • Cycling
  • Ethnic Tours
  • Visit Mudubandha Waterfall


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