Chandrabagha Beach


Chandrabagha Beach

Where you embrace solitude

Walking down the empty beach, with the setting sun on the horizon is just magical. That’s what Chandrabagha offers to its visitors. Located at the Konark, the abode of the magnificent Sun Temple, the beach is known for its stunning sunrise and sunset.

As per legend Sambha son of Lord Krishna prayed here to the Sun God and through the latter’s blessings he got rid of leprosy. Thus the beach has an important spiritual significance in Odisha.

It’s also the venue of the famous “International sand Art Festival” where renowned sand artists from all over the globe converge to showcase their craft. The five day long festival attracts large number of tourists and locals alike.

Things to do

  • Often the best thing to do when you are in a setting as beautiful as this, is to do nothing at all.
  • Boating in the calm waters of the sea is an enthralling experience. Enlist the services of the local boats stationed at the beach. But take necessary precautions.
  • For those who seek adventure, there are camps along the marine drive from Puri to Konark which offers options in water sports.
  • Always enlist the help of a Nulia (Lifeguard) before venturing into the sea.

**Always remember that vacations are meant to be reminisced as happy memories. Enjoy responsibly and be sensitive to the environment.


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