The main objective of museums has traditionally revolved around collecting, preserving, researching and displaying objects notifying an important passage of history and culture of a particular region.


With greater emphasis on exhibitions, interpretation, learning and audiences, the museums have evolved and grown dramatically over the years with an incredible range of themes and subjects covered.

When you are in a place which boasts of a rich heritage and diversity as Odisha does, there are bound to be repositories which captures the essence of the State for the consummate tourist.

Odisha offers a tourist a host of activities to indulge in one of them is an eclectic mix of museums each portraying an aspect of our rich heritage and the Planetarium which unlocks the inner fascination of the galaxy and Milky Way.

Make space in your itinerary for a couple of hours to discover the treasures of Odisha, be it its rich manuscripts, be it its natural treasures, be it its vibrant tribal population, be it its legacy of art and craft, be it its celebrated maritime history or be its celebrated Astronomer – the subjects are as diverse as it can get and captivating at the same time.    

Chilika Bird Festival

National Chilika Bird Festival

More than 10 lakh birds, around 200 species, one destination Chilika

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