Forest & Wildlife

Forest & Wildlife

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Forest & Wildlife

Imagine large tracts of grasslands on the foothills of undulating hills with herds of graceful Spotted Deers, Bisons or Blackbucks grazing & jumping, Muggers basking on sandbars, Dolphins and Flamingos or Skimmers turning and rising. Odisha provides refuse to a variety of animals and birds that wild travelers fly across the world to see. 480 KMs of Ocean on eastern side, Odisha is a part of Eastern Ghats, the land of rivers, cliffs, long sandy beaches, hills stations, wetlands, pine forests, waterfalls, lakes and mangroves that shelters a wide range of flora & fauna.

With nineteen Wildlife Sanctuaries, one National Park and two Tiger Reserves, the state offers different experience to its visitors from trekking to heritage tours, from birding to adventure travel or may it be only camping in the cozy tents in the midst of forest beneath the starry sky.

May it be Chilika lagoon with congregation of millions of birds or the Mahanadi Gorge of Satkosia, the mountain musings of Similipal or hundreds of Crocodiles basking at Bhitarkanika, a trip to different Ecotourism destinations (Nature Camps) in the state is a revelation allowing you to reconnect with nature through camping, biking, hiking, nature trails,birding,photography,boating and spending time with the tribes or communities living in the forest since ages.

Odisha is an ideal haunt for travelers looking for adventure or few days of freedom and solitude. 40 Luxury Nature Camps dotted in different landscapes of state- beaches, riverine camps, forest, luxury resorts on hill stations managed by trained forest dependent communities are worth staying.

Visit and be a part of those Camps run by Forest Department of Government of Odisha and also carry the pride of being a part of wildlife conservation in the state.

Best of Odisha

Bhitarkanika National Park (Bhitarkanika Nature Camps)

“Mini Amazon” of India and also the 2nd largest mangrove ecosystem in India, only Marine Sanctuary of Odisha and one among the five in India. Hundreds of Saltwater Crocodiles (up to length 23 Ft)can be seen basking on mangrove creeks. A Bird’s Paradise of India with the Largest Heronry.

Chilika Lagoon(Chilika Nature Camps)

Chilika is the largest wintering ground for migratory birds(in Millions) of Indian-subcontinent, only home for Irrawaddy Dolphins in India ,Asia’s largest brackish water lagoon with beautiful Islands, and biodiversity Hotspot of country, Wetland of International importance and a RAMSAR Site. It is 90 KMs from the Capital of Odisha-Bhubaneswar

Similipal Tiger Reserve(Similipal Nature Camps)

A National Park, Biosphere Reserve, Elephant Reserve and Sanctuary of Tiger, Elephant, Sambar, Bison, Spotted Deer, Leopard etc. with small animals and Birds. Specialty is Large tracts of Sal Forests with wildlife.

Debrigarh Sanctuary(Debrigarh Nature Camp)

On bank of Hirakud reservoir (largest artificial lake of Asia and longest Earthen Dam of World).Easy sighting of wildlife- Bison, Sambar, Spotted deer, Wild boar, different small mammals and variety of resident & migratory birds.

Satkosia Tiger Reserve(Satkosia Nature Camps & Satkosia Sands Resort)

River Mahanadi (Longest River of Odisha) bifurcates the Tiger Reserve and also forms 22 KMs long Satkosia Gorge(one of the largest and deepest Gorges of Asia).The Tiger Reserve sits on confluence zone of Eastern Ghats and Deccan Plateau. Mugger (crocodiles) and Indian Skimmers basking on sandbars is a common sight. It is the southernmost limit for endangered Gharials in India and the only place in Odisha where both Mugger and Gharials can be sighted.

Rushikulya Rookery(Ganjam)

The Odisha Coast is the largest mass nesting ground for Olive Ridleys in the world .Millions of Olive Radleys nest every year here from October to March.


Land of Mountains, Tribes, Hills and Valleys.


Rissia-Bichitrapur Nature Camps- Receding Sea of Bay of Bengal(upto few Kilometers) at Chandipur,commonly seen are Red-Crabs in lakhs , terrestrial and migratory Birds. Rissia Nature Camps(Kuldiha Sanctuary) is popular for Bisons and Bichitrapur is for Mangrove forest on Sea Coast.

Exclusive Vacations

Beach Resorts

  • Chilika
  • Chandipur
  • Nuanai(Puri)
  • Bichitrapur

Forest Resorts

  • Similipal
  • Bhitarkanika
  • Satkosia Sands Resort(Badmul)
  • Satkosia Nature Camps
  • Debrigarh
  • Chandaka
  • Daringbadi
  • Belghar
  • Mandasaru
  • Blackbuck Camps
  • Sanaghagra
  • Rissia

River Camping

  • Tikarpada(Satkosia)
  • Badmul(Satkosia Sands Resort)

Lake Resorts  

  • Chandaka( Deras, Godibari)
  • Chilika

Sand Resorts

  • Satkosia Sands Resort(Badmul)

Other Destination

Similipal Nature Camps

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