Treat yourself with the experience of boating in the canyons of Satkosia Gorge (Satkosia Nature Camps and Satkosia Sands Resort, Badmul) on river Mahanadi all through basking crocodiles and birds.


Boating experience in the Mangrove creeks of Bhitarkanika (Bhitarkanika Nature Camps) is a life time experience to cherish.

Sailing through the mangrove forests of Bhitarkanika, you can see variety wildlife, reptiles and birds and hundreds of salt water crocodiles basking on the creeks and if you are lucky enough watch the predation of wild animals and birds while moving silently on boats.

Boating in nature camps-Chilika,Chandaka, Rissa, Nuanai-Puri,Debrigarh provide similar experience to the nature enthusiasts.  

Boating in chilika lake(The Birds Paradise of Asia) and sighting of millions of colourful birds migrated from many parts of the world to Chilika, Asia’s largest nesting groung for birds.

Travellers Experiences

Chilika Bird Festival

National Chilika Bird Festival

More than 10 lakh birds, around 200 species, one destination Chilika

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