On the Monk Trail to Jirang


On the Monk Trail to Jirang

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Verdant surroundings and aesthetic look of Jirang monastery is very compelling. It had always been on my must-visit list. The sights are subtle yet pretty imposing. Jirang is the largest Buddhist monastery of Eastern India which is symbolic to Tibetian culture.

Named after Padma Sambhav Mahavihar, it’s christened as the little Tibet of Odisha.The road leading to it is replete with lushness. The colourful flags tied up above bat with the wind, giving you the warmest Buddhist welcome.

I felt what we call- The EAT-PRAY-LOVE moment upon reaching. Just about the right ingredients, with nature’s bounty & peaceful enlightenment for every visitor, it’s something you must not miss when you’re here.

Destination of the bliss!

The lush greenery and picturesque mountain ranges are pure bliss to watch while you are on the trail

By Nidhi Lohia


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