My visit to Raghunath Jew Temple of Odagaon.

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This is probably the most prominent place for Sri Rama worshiping in entire Eastern India. When I first saw the “Raghunath Jew Temple” of Odagaon in Nayagarh, it appeared me more a Royal palace than an ordinary temple. Generally in a traditional Ram Temple, you see Lord Ram along with Sita and Laxman are royally dressed in the “Avisheka Vesa”. 

Here the three idols are dressed in the “Vanabasi” attire that they wore during the exile in the forest. Beards and mustaches are clearly visible on the faces of Lord Rama & Laxman. 

The three idols are made up of neem wood and look very beautiful. The three kalasas on the top of the temple are of pure gold.

30 Apr 2019
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By Odisha Traveller


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