JIRANG One Of The Many Places In Odisha Which Every Traveller Must Visit


JIRANG One Of The Many Places In Odisha Which Every Traveller Must Visit

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One may not know but there are a seemingly endless number of destinations and attractions to visit in Odisha, which will leave everyone enchanted and craving for more! Of all the places to explore, Jirang is where any newcomer or frequent traveller should definitely land at.

A 5-hour drive from Bhubaneswar city, Jirang (also popularly known as Chandragiri) greets its visitors with imposing sights of the monastery, picturesque landscape of surrounding tropical forest, roaring hilltops and nearby gurgling rivers. A perfect destination for travellers, Jirang is quite renowned for its seasonal fruits, woollen garments and dogs of various breeds. Plus the large scale horticulture plantations and cultural activities of the Tibetan refugees make this place even more colourful and attractive!

Tibetan refugees who stay here call this heavenly abode of theirs as Phuntsokling, which in Tibetan translates to, “Land of Happiness and Plenty.” Jirang, one of many diverse places to be found in Odisha, is also called by many as Mini-Tibet or Little Tibet of Odisha.

Even the route leading to Jirang is replete with lushness & one can find colorful flags as a sign of Buddhist welcome on both sides of the road. It is nothing less than pleasure to explore this relaxed which has the perfect ingredient of nature’s bounty & peaceful enlightenment for every visitor.

By Nidhi Lohia

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