Bicycle Beach Bonfire Barbeque | Adventure-cum-Happiness Camp at Chandrabhaga

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It was a long time plan to go for a night ride & stay at Chandrabhaga beach. Being cyclists, the golden triangle ride is always a golden experience for each one of our community.

We three members of our community Dr B P Sahoo(AIIMS), Mr S Wajjala (Senior Manager, TATA) & Mr S K Rath (Ironman, India’19) started our expedition at sharp 4PM from Governor House Square. After escaping the city traffic, we recharged ourselves with plenty of sugarcane juice near Daya river bridge & resumed pedalling. We reached there at 10:30pm. Pedalling along the marine drive in the fullmoon night was ecstatic. We got refreshed at Chandrabhaga, stretched your muscles & while listening to the music of waves, lied down & relaxed under full moon . With a hot cup of coffee in our hands, we went for a barefoot walk along the shore. We set our tent under the bright moon listening to the mighty waves patting the shore with love. With our tents backed by a thin patch of jungle, we locked the opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations, reflect upon life, enjoy our barbecue grilled chicken. It was so exciting, we couldn't sleep & just lied down looking at the sky, entire night expressing my deepest gratitude to mother nature & the soul soothing breeze. That day, we got to know, it was Mr Wajjala’s 20years old dream to spend long hours on the beach. With the rising sun in the morning, we played with colours and celebrated Holi again & returned with bag full of sweet memories to share with family while having our Sunday lunch.

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30 Apr 2019
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