8 Of Odisha’s Most Romantic Spots And Activities For Couples


8 Of Odisha’s Most Romantic Spots And Activities For Couples

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Given Odisha’s diversity as a cultural and traditional state, one may not presume the region to have an active romantic aspect as well. But there’s no doubt that Odisha can be a pretty adorable destination as well, if you exactly know where to go with your loved one. In fact the nearly virgin beaches or places and vibrant activities to indulge in can make this state a perfect backdrop to kiss and tell!

For all the couples who are looking to create a romantic memory or just planning for a lovable getaway, then this list below will definitely evoke your intimate side!

Each beach of Odisha has its own beautiful vibe and Chandipur Beach in Balasore district is no such exception. Already famous for its tranquility, this lovely stretch can be typically claimed as Odisha’s sunset connoisseurs’ paradise. For couples in love, walk barefoot and take a sunset stroll here with hand in hand! If you are looking for a more private time, then forget the sunset and head toward this exotic resort. The wood cabin cottages here with the facilities including an Ayurvedic Spa Centre and aromatic range of freshly cooked sea food are things you would seek for your love-filled getaway. Providing total luxury and complete seclusion, this beach front property is wonderfully romantic! Although not in its best shape currently, this glorious lighthouse is still splendid to greet the stunning panoramic views of the adjoining places and beautiful shoreline. Gopalpur Beach in itself is pretty adorable owing to the placid beauty of greenery and the lighthouse unfolds all its natural charms. Maybe just maybe, this can be a good spot to go down on your knee for that marriage proposal!

In case your idea of love includes an off the beaten path romantic experience, then you must spend a day observing wildlife and crocodiles at Bhitarkanika National Park or go bird watching in Chilika. At both these places, you get boating privileges that will ensure some sightseeing and more heartfelt moments.

Erotic sculptures built on the walls of Konark Sun Temple have been framed to be the most sexually alluring yet controversial at the same time. For romantics and the ones in love, this historic location will let you witness some blissful scenes of love making besides making you admire the unique and exquisite carvings!

With an idea of being eco-friendly, this is yet another amazing place in Konark that promises camping on the beach and private tents in an immensely secluded area of the state. You and your mate can settle down cosily in the tent houses, sip champagne under the star-lit sky or laze all day on an empty stretch of beach that’s in close proximity to Rangers Foundation. To add some adventure in your romantic setting, opt for scuba diving and surfing expeditions at the very noted Ramchandi Beach. With seasoned instructors to guide you with your first wave action, this is an ideal thing to do for couples who wish to try something new together. The feeling to become one with nature is priceless and with the love of your life, everything becomes all the more appealing. Daringbadi Hills in Kandhamal is a divine destination that’s packed with lush rain forests and gorgeous mountains. Couples can reside in any of the resorts located near the hills, getting lost in the rustic greenery and forgetting that the world around them even exists!

By Nidhi Lohia

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