Angul is a major industrial town along with Rourkela in Western Odisha. The sleepy quaint neighbourhood transformed itself largely due to the presence of NALCO (National Aluminum Company) – who operates Asia’s largest Aluminum plant there and ancillary industries.

Before the industrial revolution that changed the landscape of Angul, historically Angul was a land of different tribes who commanded over small citadels.

According to popular folklore, the name Angul is said to be derived from a local chieftain named “Anu” started a futile rebellion against the King. The local’s referred to that period as Anugol (Anu’s war), subsequently the name "Anugol" stuck and the town came to be known as "Angul" as we know it now.

The Bajirout Chatravas constructed in memory of the youngest martyr during India’s Freedom Struggle Baji Rout is an important landmark of the city– Baji Rout was the youngest son of a boatman was an active member of the Banar Sena Prajamandal. On the fateful night of 11th Oct 1938, the British officers ordered him to ferry them across the river, which he refused to do & was shot at along with Laxman Mallik & Fagu Sahoo, at Nilkanthapur Ghat, Bhuban in Dhenkanal.

The Chatravas focuses on Children welfare, education & literacy was built in memory of the young brave heart on 11th May 1946.

Angul serves as an important junction or gateaway to Central & Western Odisha.

Places to see

  • Satkosia Tiger Reserve - Tikarpara