Satkosia gorge is a unique feature in geomorphology in India. Here Mahanadi has cut right across the Eastern Ghats and has formed a magnificent gorge. Located in the districts of Angul, Cuttack, Nayagarh and Boudh, Satkosia gorge sanctury(795.52 with sylvan beauty and excellent natural features is an attractive destination for scientist and nature lovers.  The major attraction of the area is 22 km. long gorge (known as Satkosia gorge) of the river Mahanadi which divides the area into a two distinct parts accessible respectively from Angul and Nayagarh or Boudh. The area supports moist deciduous forest, dry deciduous forests and moist peninsular sal forests and is stronghold of tiger,leopard,elephant,gaur,sambar,spotted deer,mouse deer,nilgai,choushingha,sloth bear,wild dog etc., varieties of resident and migratory birds reptilian species(gharial,mugger crocodile,fresh water turtle,poisonous anmd non-poisonous snakes etc.). Major attraction of the sanctury is the gorge,river Mahanadi,the Gharial Research and Conservation Unit at Tikarapada,hill slopes,various tracking routes and boating.
N.P. & WL.S -  Satakosia Gorge 
District -  Angul/ Baudh/ Cuttack/ Nayagarh 
Area (sq. km) -  795.52 
Ideal season for visit -  Round the year

Contact Officer
Angul, D.F.O. (WL) Satkosia 
Phone: (06762) 230218(O), 230219(R)