Beleswar is easily accessible by road. It is around 20 Kms from Puri via the marine drive road. It is around 50 kms from Pipili via Konark.


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img1 Site of a Shaivite shrine, Beleswar, located 15 km from Puri, has an interesting beach where several fun filled hours can be spent.

On the Puri- Konark marine drive, around 15 kms towards Konark resides a very beautiful picnic spot known as Beleswar. Beleswar is famous for Beleswar beach Beleswar temple (Shiva temple)


Visit puri : Beleswar beach is well renowned for its sunrise and sunset. The beautiful beach is ideal for sunbath and it’s also a good swimming spot. The beach is surrounded by trees making ideal for picnic and small excursions. The beach is mostly visited by newly wedded couples, who seek blessings from the nearby Shiva temple.

Beleswar temple : Beleswar temple is the holy abode of Lord Shiva who is worshiped in the avatar of lord Beleswar. Once upon a time Puri was known for its Shiva followers and worshipers but the trend shifted towards Beleswar as Lord Jagannath presided over Puri. The temple is very simple in design and as per historical data its origins and builders are unknown. Still it is thronged by devotees from various parts of the country precisely during the “Mahashivaratri”. During this time the temple is decorated with diyas and artificial lights.

Best time to visit : January-February-March.
During the Mahashivratri festival which falls around the first week of February.