Bhawanipatna is 418 km from Bhubaneswar Bhawanipatna is connected by all-weather roads and regular bus services from important parts of Odisha. The nearest railway station is at Kesinga - 35 km.


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Bhawanipatna Tourist Office

Tel:  (06670) 230402

Bhawanipatna, the headquarters of Kalahandi District, is a town of numerous temples dedicated to different deities of Hindu pantheon. Named after its presiding deity 'Bhawanishankar', it is the most convenient base for touring various places of interest in the district and the nearby district of Nawapara.

Places around Bhawanipatna :

Phurli Jharan :

Phurli Jharan, a perennial waterfall of 16 mtrs. high has a special charm of its own - 15 km. The old capital of the ex-State of Kalahandi, Junagarh was a well built fort with Oriya inscriptions on its temple walls- 26 km. The historic fort Asurgarh is only 35 km.


Khanduala fall :

Karlapat, known for charming wildlife, is 32 km from Bhawanipatna. Nearby is Khanduala fall. A short distance from Karlapat is Thuamul- Rampur, a little slice of paradise on earth. On the confluence of the rivers Tel & Utei, Belkhandi, 67 km from Bhawanipatna is a place of archaeological importance.

Ambapani hills :

The Ambapani hills (77 km) with its frolicking valley called 'Haladigundi' is a place for viewing colourful wildlife and 7 km away from here is the prehistoric cave paintings at Gudahandi.





Budhikomna houses the unique brick temple of Pataleswar - 40 km from Khariar and 115 km from Bhawanipatna. Also 9 km east of Khariar is Yogimath, famed for the cave paintings of Neolithic age. Patalaganga, 40 km from Khariar, is considered as a holy spot.