Balangir is 327 km from Bhubaneswar and has direct road connections to major towns of the State. It is also a railhead on the S.E. Railway


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Balangir Tourist Office

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 A WELL laid out town from the time of the Maharajas, Bolangir still possesses the charm and serenity of the old days fashion. It is one of the major commercial towns in the western part of Orissa.

Ranipur- Jharial, 104 km from Balangir, houses one among the four existing Hypaethral Temples, dedicated to sixty-four Yoginis in lndia - a wonder in the world of archaeology and a cluster of other temples.

On the southern slope of Gandhamardan hills, Harishankar, 81 km from Balangir is a place of pilgrimage and rare scenic beauty with gurgling waterfalls.

Patnagarh, the ancient capital of the kingdom of Patna, has some unique monuments- 38 km from Balangir.

Also Sonepur, on the confluence of rivers Mahanadi and Tel, known as Paschima Lanka in scriptures, is a nicely laid out town. 48 km from Balangir, it has a cluster of temples, each having a story of its own.

Places around Bolangir :

On the southern slope of the Gandhamardan hills, around 81 km from Balangir, stands Harishankar, a place of pilgrimage, famous for its uncommon scenic charms and the presence of Hari and Shankar, the dual deities of the Vaishnav and Shaivite sects of Hinduism. A perennial stream gushes forth onto its granite bed to form cascades at different stages, the last fall providing a natural water slide to bathers! As a cool resort in the lap of nature, Harishankar is a panacea for the heat in the summer.



Hypaethral Temples :

Patnagarh :